Class Time Length Ages*
Tap / Ballet Combination Class 1 Hour Ages 3 to 5 years
Tutu Cute 30 minutes Ages 2 to 3 years
Tap 30 minutes - 1 Hour Ages 5 and up
Ballet 1 Hour - 1.5 Hours Ages 5 and up
Pointe 30 Minutes - 1 hour Based on teacher placement
Jazz 1 Hour - 1.5 Hours Ages 5 and up
Contemporary / Lyrical 30 Minutes - 1 Hour Ages 5 and Up
Hip-Hop 30 Minutes - 1 Hour Ages 5 and up
Musical Theater 30 Minutes - 1 Hour Ages 5 and up
Acro / Tricks 30 Minutes - 1 Hour Ages 5 and up

*age requirements are dependent on the student's indiviual skill level

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Tap/Ballet Combination Class

This unique class offers our youngest students the opportunity to experience two dance styles in just one class! Each class will begin with the ballet basics, then transition to learning fun rhythms of tap dancing. We ensure this age appropriate class is a fun-filled way to introduce your little one to the art of rhythm and movement!


One of our most popular classes, these classes teach the fundamentals of both classic and modern tap dancing styles. Students will learn rhythm and coordination as well as tap terminology. (We encourage our younger beginner students to take a Tap Combination class to begin their tap instruction - see Tap/Ballet Combination Class above.)


Ballet is the basis for all other forms of dance. In our classes we focus on flexibility, grace, control, strength, body placement, and technique. These are mastered through work at the barre and in the center. Stepping Out offer several levels of ballet ranging from Pre-Ballet to Level V. We also offer an Older Beginner Ballet Class. (We encourage our younger beginner students to take a Ballet Combination class to begin their ballet instruction - see Combination Classes above.)


Pointe is a class where the dancer supports all of their weight on the tips of their toes while wearing pointe shoes. Students are recommended for and placed in Pointe classes based on teacher recommendations. All students who are enrolled in a Pointe class must also take an additional ballet class where flat ballet shoes are worn.


This is a high-energy class that encourages students to focus on the performance and style aspects of dance. Flexibility, coordination, rhythm and expression will be taught in a fun learning environment.

Contemporary / Lyrical

Contemporary and Lyrical are a fusion of jazz and ballet that focus on the emotional aspect and deep interpretation of the music. These dances usually portray a message and tell a story through movement.


Hip-Hop is an upbeat, fast paced style of dance that is usually done to popular music. Hip-Hop takes on many forms and can fuse several styles together such as breaking, popping, jazz, and street dancing. This great workout is taught in a fun and exciting way each week!


Clogging has become very popular in the South and is a style of dance unique in its style of stomping while keeping the upper body stiff. Clogging shoes have double taps on the front and back of the shoe. Our Clogging Classes are upbeat and have taken on a modern twist!

Musical Theater

Musical Theater is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. Usually used to tell a story or convey an emotion, our Musical Theater classes are taught by professionals who are extremely knowledgeable of how to prepare students for the stage. This is great for beginners looking to improve their performance or those who want to brush up on dance skills for an upcoming audition!


This class is great for those who want to learn how to strengthen their core to be able to perform simple acrobatic skills. This is a great introduction for beginners who are thinking of taking gymnastics or tumbling or an experienced dancer who wants to add some impressive "tricks" to their repertoire!